For Mon 12/10 & Tues 12/11 – TEST!!!

On Thurs/Fri we did a final review for the Unit 2 Assessment.  We did a narrative vocabulary review, we practiced Part A and Part B questions, and we did some general writing prep.  PPT: Unit 2 Review    Reconstruction & Assessment Review     

HOMEFUN FOR MON 12/10 & TUES 12/11: Prepare for your assessment!  Use your Unit 2 Major Themes, your notes, and the resources on the Unit 2 tab above.  This is a big deal, so please prepare appropriately!

The assessment will require you to answer one Part A and one Part B question.  I’ll give you a rubric and paper on which to write.  Please bring a blue or black ink pen, and be prepared to blow me a way with your knowledge!


For Thurs 12/6 & Fri 12/7

On Tues/Wed we began assessing in more detail the successes and shortcomings of Reconstruction.  We did some group brainstorming, we did a gallery walk, and we wrote thesis statements.  We also revisited the major themes sheet and began thinking about the Unit 2 Assessment.  PPT: Reconstruction Day 5    Unit 2 Major Themes   recon-gallery-walk-images   Reconstruction gallery Walk Chart  

HOMEFUN FOR THURS 12/6 & FRI 12/7:  Look over your Unit 2 Major Themes, and start looking back over your notes for the unit.  We’ll review a bit more on Thurs/Fri, but it will help you immensely to come to class knowing what your strengths & weaknesses in this unit are.  See the Unit 2 Tab above for study & review resources.


For Tues 12/4 & Wed 12/5

On Fri/Mon we took a brief homework quiz, we reviewed Radical Reconstruction, we finished the Crash Course Reconstruction video, discussed southern redeemers and the end of Reconstruction, and we practiced a bit more of our Paper 2 Part B process sheet.  PPT: Reconstruction Day 4

HOMEFUN FOR TUES 12/4 & WED 12/5:  If you missed any of these readings, please do them: AMSCO 290-293  AMSCO pp 294-297  AMSCO 298-302You should be thinking about what the successes of Reconstruction were and what the failures of Reconstruction were.  On Tues/Wed we’ll finish up the unit and begin reviewing for the Unit 2 Assessment.

For Wed 11/28 & Thurs 11/29

On Mon/Tues we continued investigating plans for Reconstruction.  We did an OMCL activity, we shared out from our jigsaw groups, and we did a Venn diagram activity to begin comparing & contrasting various Reconstruction proposals. PPT: Reconstruction Day 2    3 Reconstruction Plans Worksheet     Reconstruction Venn Diagram

HOMEFUN FOR WED 11/28 & THURS 11/29: We will have a quiz over AMSCO pp 294-297Please read and take notes appropriately.  How & why did the Radicals clash with President Johnson? What was the result of this clash?  How did the Radicals implement Reconstruction?  What successes did they have?  Where were they not so successful?

If you get a chance, please respond to this Cambridge Marketing SurveyWe use some of these responses when we talk to middle schoolers and to parents about Cambridge at Overton.  We may also contact you to follow up and see if you want to help us recruit students to the program. Thanks for your thoughtful  responses!  

For Mon 11/26 & Tues 11/27

On Mon/Tues before Thanksgiving we introduced Reconstruction and began group research into it’s three phases.  We made visuals and seven-word summaries to share. PPT: Reconstruction Day 1     3 Reconstruction Plans Worksheet

HOMEFUN FOR MONDAY 11/26 & TUESDAY 11/27:  Please read AMSCO 290-293.  How did Black Codes and the Freedmen’s Bureau fit into the discussions on Reconstruction?  How/why did the Radicals clash with Lincoln and then Johnson?  Add to your charts as appropriate.  

See the previous post for the Post-Seminar Task and/or the Seminar Alternative assignment, as needed.

Have a great Thanksgiving break.  You are all awesome, and I’m glad I get to have you  in my classes this year.

For Mon 11/19 & Tues 11/20

On Thurs/Fri we held our Socratic Seminar on Lincoln and the process of emancipation.  Socratic Seminar

HOMEFUN FOR MON 11/19 & TUES 11/20: Please read Reconstruction Intro – AMSCO & DH  What were the challenges of the Reconstruction period? What significant changes occurred?  Also, please complete the Post Seminar Task by answering the following questions:  

  • Part 1. Self-Assessment: How prepared were you? How well did you participate? How could you improve?   What did you like about the seminar? What did you not like? Explain.
  • Part 2. Reflection: How did the seminar influence your thinking on emancipation and/or on Lincoln? Did it change any of your thoughts on Lincoln? Was there something you didn’t get to share, or wish you had contributed?

If you missed the Socratic Seminar, complete this alternative assignment: Seminar Alternative